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Global presence gives us the power to meet needs anywhere in the world.

When it comes to the suppliers who provide the materials, goods and services it takes to conduct our business, Nuragro searches for the right relationship, right product, at the right value. Relationships with suppliers are managed by the owners who have made a significant mark on the commodities trading market by applying proven methodologies and leading edge information’s.

The management coupled with its strong regional and international network of affiliations, brings strategic foresight and knowledge, deep function, and a practical approach to building capabilities and delivering real impact on behalf of organizations interested in entering or expanding in the region.

In addition, the management also understands the critical nuances of local and international brokers in the business market and therefore able to effectively navigate a myriad of challenges on behalf of its clients in an effort to maximize opportunities. The extensive network of contacts and affiliates throughout the Middle East and Asia provides the management to bring a global perspective to its trading and consulting activities.

To further leverage on the numerous opportunities in the growing energy markets within Southeast Middle East and Asia, Nuragro has been building strategic partnerships and joint ventures.

What we do?

Business Development

Our clients often require short- to medium-term funding solutions linked with commercial supply or marketing agreements. From evaluation, to negotiation, to implementation, our business development team will cover every aspect of the transaction, finding the optimal financial solution to meet every client’s needs. About a third of our business is concluded with some form of structured commodity finance associated with commercial deliveries.

One of the challenge is to determine the best financial resources to mitigate risk. We are continually evaluating new opportunities in order to meet our clients’ expectations and build solid partnerships worldwide.

Risk Management

Risk is an inherent part of our business. Understanding it and managing it is crucial to our success. We have implemented tight internal regulations and monitoring of transactions in order to see that risk is significantly minimized or eliminated. An expert derivatives desk, along with sound relationships with brokers, allows us to hedge the underlying market price risk.

We have uniform contract terms which are applied globally in order to mitigate the commercial risk of transactions. Our experience, structuring, use of advanced financial instruments and insurance facilities, allow us to provide the ideal solution for every one of our clients in this challenging financial climate.

Global Trading

Nuragro are specialized in the trade of agriculture commodities. We provide a secure and stable global trading platform through which we market or source our client`s requirements. Our network of offices, partnerships and joint ventures span the globe ensuring prompt and timely flow of trade intelligence which provides us the ability to act swiftly and efficiently to our customers’ requirement.

Additionally our team of experienced operation return value to customers through the provision of efficient freight and storage solutions from production to load port to final destination. Nuragro will regularly extend tailor made solutions to mitigate prices risk and the volatility of today’s commodities markets.

Delivery Process

Customer Order

Customers order is confirmed and processed by operation team

Processing & Packing

Cargo is processed and packed as per the requirement of customer

Shipping & Delivery

Cargo's are delivered using standard delivery procedures


Documents are preapred and reported to customer.