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about us

A highly knowledged and experienced partner who like to think differently...

Nuragro possesses rich experience dealing with agricultural commodities and unmatched sourcing capabilities supported by our infrastructure in key geographic regions which allows us to effectively control supply chains in order to provide a diverse range of products to our clients. We have a operational network through our offices in Asia and Africa which gives us the ability and scale to serve and satisfy all of our clients across the continents.

Nuragro's distinguishing factor lies in our effective management of the supply chain. Our procurement starts directly from the origin. In the mission to ensure that the highest quality product is delivered to our customers at competitive prices.

Our Strength

The combined in-depth and broad trading experience coupled with strong, reliable and trusting relationships fostered over the years with the suppliers and buyers globally are the main strengths of the company. Since our start, we have developed more supplier and customer base providing better diversity and further enhance our strengths.

Our familiarity and expertise in the global agro-commodity markets with a specific focus in South Asia and Southeast-Asian countries as the main destinations is one of our core advantages. The strong origination and sourcing capabilities in East & West Africa and South America is the another key strength of the company.

Our strengths give us the competitive edge and set us apart from all our competitors. The combination of all our strengths below allows us to provide maximum satisfaction to our clients and enables us to be their preferred partner.

Why to Choose Us

The combination of all our strengths below allows us to provide maximum satisfaction to our clients and
enables us to be their preferred partner.


The foundation of Nuragro is the zeal and passion shared by the entire organization for commodity trading. It is our passion to excel and maintain the highest levels of efficiency in the challenging nature of this business, which drives us to achieve greater heights in this industry.


Nuragro’s management team holds extensive knowledge and experience in this field and is able to take the best decisions and swiftly troubleshoot any problems that might arise. Over the years, they lead by example and continue to educate and share their skills with the entire team.


Nuragro’s forte lies in sourcing and marketing products at the best market prices. We achieve this by leveraging on our presence in the world’s developing markets. Our competitive nature drives us to be on a constant look out for the products that will be a good bet for the growth of the company in the long term.

Geographical presence

Nuragro has sprawled its teams across several countries. We pride ourselves in being able to remain in close liaison with our clients due to our presence in their home countries. It allows us to communicate effectively and efficiently execute all transactions or troubleshoot any problems that may arise.

Risk management abilities

Our ability to identify the various risks involved in our trade well beforehand has proven to be an important aspect in ensuring smooth business. Nuragro has extremely disciplined risk management practices which is a unique capability that differentiates us from the rest.

Efficiency in execution

Efficiency at Nuragro is implemented from the time of the inspection of goods to the time that our goods reach the warehouses of our buyers. This allows us to economically allocate our resources to provide maximum satisfaction and create happy experiences for our clients.